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Jewellery or personal items can get

Jewellery or personal items can get flushed away by accident if you think the item could be stuck in the u-bend a plumber may be able to help you retrieve it, but once these items get into the sewer it is an impossible task for us to try and find them. Eagle plumbing and rooter is a fully licensed and insured plumbing company servicing all your. Installing a new boiler can be a big decision we can help by offering a professional service and expert.

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Blocked sewer and storm water

Blocked sewer and storm water drains –. If you own your own home, are renting a home, or own a business, chances are you have had to hire a plumber plumbing problems are not uncommon, and while regular maintenance is suggested, most people are more reactive than proactive when it comes to their plumbing issues if you are like most people, not to worry, we know plumbing inside and out and can assist in katy, tx & w houston. When you contact us at easi-plumb.

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